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About AS400 Credit Card Software

AS400 Credit Card Software is a scalable, industrial-strength package which is very suitable for very large clients, and affordable for small ones. It was written after new security standards were issued by VISA, and fully compliant with them. It also supports debit cards, will accept transactions originating on a remote web server and will link to any application, from home-grown to high end commercial software packages.

AS400 Credit Card Software performs a number of functions, including authorization and settlement processing, and, supports all major merchant and card environments, all major banks and acquirers, plus fraud protection: ECI, CVV2, AVS, and state-of-art security, including CISP. It also provides consistent sub-5 second authorization response time. AS400 Credit Card Software from Intelligent Business Solutions, LLC. "The Intelligent Decision".

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AS400 Web Services

At Intelligent Business Solutions, LLC, we are a software solutions provider of business applications and services to small and medium sized companies. Credit card software is among our suite of software solutions, and in addition, we offer Integrated Accounting (GL/AP/AR), CRM, ERP, and Business Intelligence software. Currently IBS, LLC is offering its integrated accounting software for free, and we encourage you to continue browsing our website for additional information.

In addition to its free software offerings, Intelligent Business Solutions provides AS400 web services as well as extended software products and support services for a fee. Some of our AS400 web services include complete modernization to include consumption and publishing of web services, implementation and installation of the software mentioned in the paragraph above, as well as upgrades for IBM i. Using LookSoftware, IBS, LLC has modernized the look and feel of our integrated accounting software. We can modernize your business applications in the same way.

In fact, when business is slow, reuse-based modernization projects are an excellent way to decrease spending and deliver a faster return on investment than many other alternatives. We encourage you to browse our website for additional information, and to visit our Contact page if you have questions or comments.

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