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AS400 Green Screen Modernization Solution

AS400 green screen modernization is very important for businesses that wants to stay up-to-date and operate most efficiently. To extend the life of legacy applications, cross-platform integration is often the lowest-cost solutions, as well as being the least intrusive. Intelligent Business Solutions, LLC offers an AS400 green screen modernization solution for businesses that want to keep things running smoothly while optimizing an application's structure and functionality. For more information, continue reading.

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Before and After

Our AS400 green screen modernization solution is featured on our Gallery page. On that page we encourage you to review before and after screen shots and consider the impact that such a solution might have on your business.

After reviewing our before and after screen shots, you'll find that Intelligent Business Solutions, LLC's AS400 modernization solution incorporates an easy to use interface that is sleek in style while maintaining all of the functionality that you need. At Intelligent Business Solutions, LLC, we have not just scraped screens. All of the screens you see on our Gallery page are powered by LookSoftware, and from the Sign on screen to the Tabs and Grid screens, you'll see an enormous difference.

For questions, comments, or further assistance, we encourage you to visit our Contact page. There, you will find e-mail addresses for four different departments (in this case, you would want to use the e-mail for Software/Services Information), as well as our main telephone number. IBS, LLC has a team of certified developers that are ready to assist you in your modernization, and they look forward to helping you throughout the process.

About IBS, LLC

IBS, LLC (Intelligent Business Solutions) has been in business for over twenty years. Our host of services include complete implementation and installation of integrated accounting, CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, Credit Card and Modernization software as well as upgrades for IBM i. We serve a variety of clients nationwide and look forward to serving you. Contact us today for your AS400 modernization solution, or any other product and/or service.

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