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AS400 Microsoft Office Integration Software

Many businesses that use the AS400 suite of software products find that they want to integrate applications into Microsoft Office for professional looking reports, communication purposes, ease of use, and more. If you're looking for AS400 Microsoft Office Integration Software, Intelligent Business Solutions, LLC can help.

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Intelligent Business Solutions (IBS, LLC) offers complete implementation and installation of integrated Accounting, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Credit Card software as well as upgrades for IBM i. Complete integration includes the integration of your AS400 software solutions into Microsoft Office, so if you're looking for AS400 Microsoft Office Integration Software, consider the software and services offered by IBS, LLC instead.

At IBS, LLC, we have a team of certified developers ready to assist you with integration, modernization, and more. We have a number of success stories attached to our various products and services, and currently, our offerings include free Integrated Accounting software that has been modernized using LookSoftware. We have been in business for over twenty years and our customer base stretches across the country, from New York to Texas. At IBS, LLC, we promote ourselves as "The Intelligent Decision" among software solutions providers, and we are sure that after working with us, you will feel the same way.

For more information, we encourage you to continue browsing our website. includes information about our company, products, services, support, as well as a gallery of modernized green screens and the aforementioned success stories. If you have questions, we'd like to refer you to our page of FAQs, and on our Contact page you can find the information you need to contact a representative.

Find out why Intelligent Business Solutions is "The Intelligent Decision". Contact us today; we look forward to hearing from and working with you.

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AS400 Microsoft Office Integration Software
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