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Please take a moment to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you need further assistance, please visit our Contact Us page.

Q. Will the free integrated accounting application software (GL/AP/AR) run on Windows?

A. No. IBM i (a.k.a., AS/400, iSeries, i5/OS) is an IBM midrange server.  This is not a PC.

Q. Where do I find my installation instructions?

A. They are included with the User Documentation PDF.

Q. What if I need installation help?

A. Contact our Technical Support at 860-668-1111.

Q. What if I need implementation support?

A. Contact our Implementation Support Services at 860- 668-1111

Q. Can I purchase the source programs?

A. Yes, G/L = $25,000 USD, A/P = $15,000 USD, A/R = $20,000 USD.  Complete System: $50,000.

Q. This offer sounds too good to be true?

A. Many small business’ in the USA are suffering. This is a limited time offer until the US economy rebounds.  This is our way of giving something back!

 Q. What versions of OS400 do you support?

 A. V5R4 when using our Graphical User Interface/Microsoft office/web services integration version.

Q. I have general and specific questions regarding the functionality and use of this software.  How do I get my answers?

A. Contact our sales dept. via the contact page on our web site.

Q. Suppose we don’t want your free software, but like your design and modernization.  Will you work with us on modernizing our in house software?

A. Yes. Contact our sales team at 860-668-1111 or email us at